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•Icequake, music project with the sounds of cracking icebergs heard as the whales do (Nature Blues 2012)

• camping and sound scaping near the icefjord, Ilulissat, Groenland, (Nature Blues 2012)

• Saveurs suaves, Sound Installation, Les escales improbables in Montréal, 2010

• Upsidedown, sound design for an exhibition on paleo-eskimo art at Menil collection, Houston Texas, opening in April 2011

• Jardin (Nature Blues 2011), duo performance with Philippe Foch, premiere in May 2011

• AIR, premeditated improvisation trio, premiere in 2012-2013

• Eqi (Nature Blues 2012), aerial and underwater recording of the Eqi glacier (Greenland)

• Titakti, Meta incognita (excerpts) 1991 CD released onempreintes digitales

• Tulugaq-the talkative raven - Field recording: Elisapi and Malaia imitate the raven -Baffin Island, Nunavut 1991

• Lueurs, Sonic Archeology, excerpt: Hérésie 1995

• Faits-Divers, Chamber Opera, 2002, Désordre (excerpt from a RadioFrance concert, 2006)

• Early morning in the kitchen of la Belle de Mai, Marseille, 2007

• Humpback whales in the fjord of Illulisat, Greenland, 2010